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 The Boys’ Night Out Series

My steamy ‘Boy’s Night Out’ series centers around Melinda, a relatively sexually inexperienced young wife, who is suddenly thrust into a strange world of carnal pleasures when she discovers her husband is a sexual fiend.

BNO Sav Room thumb192x300

Boys’ Night Out: The Savage Room

When Melinda secretly follows her husband, Brad, and his friends to see what happens on ‘Boy’s Night Out’, she gets the shock of her life watching her normally soft-spoken and gentle husband live out his own wild fantasies with the women of ‘The Savage Room’.  These ‘entertainers’ will eagerly do anything for anybody, no matter how depraved. At first, shocked and angered that her husband would watch and engage in such filthy behavior with total strangers, she soon finds herself fascinated and aroused by the talents of the women on stage.  An explicit fantasy for Adults only.

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BNO Savaged thmb

Boys’ Night Out: Savaged!

Melinda, outraged that her husband is so sexually free with naked female strangers, also finds herself mesmerized by the beauty and raunchiness of the entertainers of ‘The Savage Room’. Driven to get revenge on Brad for his illicit behavior, she decides to humiliate him in front of his friends by throwing herself on the stage.  She soon finds herself in every compromising position with scores of men, and revenge isn’t the only thing she accomplishes.

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